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The size of your business should not bar you from obtaining

the legal advice you need.

An all-too-common scenario:

The uncertainty of hourly billing deters a business owner from seeking legal advice before signing a document, entering into a transaction, or making a significant decision.

An all-too-common outcome:

A very expensive mistake that could have been avoided or mitigated with timely legal advice.

I offer business owners monthly retainer agreements when such an arrangement makes mutual sense. I work closely with the owner to define the scope of services and agree upon a fixed monthly retainer. The scope of services and retainer are periodically reviewed and adjusted, as necessary, to ensure fairness to all parties.

The client now has an incentive to call about any legal question or simply to brainstorm. This leads to better and more informed decisions; reduced risk; predictability of legal fees; and ongoing counseling relationships that enhance my ability to offer proactive advice.

Services covered by my monthly retainer agreements may include: ongoing advice on day-to-day issues; interaction with the client's accountant and other advisors; review of miscellaneous non-complex agreements and other legal documents; maintenance of corporate records; periodic due diligence check-ups for business; and meetings, including those at the client's site.

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