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The Business Owner's Dilemma: Exit on Your Own Terms

Every Business Owner's Dilemma: You will leave your business someday. It is inevitable. That departure will be the largest and most critically important transaction of your life. It will be complex and intensely personal - and you only get one chance to do it right.

Exit Planning is a multi-disciplinary process for creating and executing a strategy for you to transition out of your business on your own terms, i.e.:

  • ​At the time you choose;

  • With the cash to support your chosen post-business lifestyle;

  • With the business in the hands of your chosen successor(s);

  • With your "value-based" goals achieved, e.g., keeping the business in the community.

For more information read the Exit Planning FAQs.

7-Step Exit Planning Process

Using a proven 7-Step Exit Planning Process™, I lead a team consisting of the other professional advisors whose expertise is necessary to design and implement a plan that will meet the owner's needs. Issues are identified and solutions are proposed. Those that "make the cut" are consolidated into a "Business Owner Roadmap," a detailed strategy which includes specific recommendations for achieving the owner's goals.​ (If you are a professional advisor interested in how this process can benefit you, see Opportunities for Professional Advisors.)


Benefits to Owner

Benefits to Owner Include:

  • Maximum value for life's work;

  • Tax and other risks of the transfer minimized;

  • Controls business until financial objectives met;

  • Controls process but is freed to focus on exit decisions and continued operation of the business.

Learn more about the 7-Step Exit Planning Process.


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The Exit Planning Review© is a twice monthly e-newsletter for business owners and their advisors. Each issue discusses a topic affecting business owners who must plan for likely the single most important financial event of their lives - the transition out of their business.

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ExitMap is a free, no-obligation tool that enables business owners to take a first step towards Exit Planning by quickly identifying important personal and organizational goals. Complete a 15-minute online questionnaire to receive a 12-page evaluation of readiness for transition.

Complete the questionnaire by clicking on the ExitMap icon. (Please list me as your advisor when prompted by the software to "Enter Access Code or use ExitMap." This is for ExitMap internal services and does not obligate you to retain me.)

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