The Business Owner's Dilemma: Exit on Your Own Terms

Every Business Owner's Dilemma: You will leave your business someday. It is inevitable. That departure will be the largest and most critically important transaction of your life. It will be complex and intensely personal - and you only get one chance to do it right.

Exit Planning is a multi-disciplinary process for creating and executing a strategy for you to transition out of your business on your own terms, i.e.:

  • ​At the time you choose;

  • With the cash to support your chosen post-business lifestyle;

  • With the business in the hands of your chosen successor(s);

  • With your "value-based" goals achieved, e.g., keeping the business in the community.

For more information read the Exit Planning FAQs.

7-Step Exit Planning Process

Using a proven 7-Step Exit Planning Process™, I lead a team consisting of the other professional advisors whose expertise is necessary to design and implement a plan that will meet the owner's needs. Issues are identified and solutions are proposed. Those that "make the cut" are consolidated into a "Business Owner Roadmap," a detailed strategy which includes specific recommendations for achieving the owner's goals.​ (If you are a professional advisor interested in how this process can benefit you, see Opportunities for Professional Advisors.)


Benefits to Owner

Benefits to Owner Include:

  • Maximum value for life's work;

  • Tax and other risks of the transfer minimized;

  • Controls business until financial objectives met;

  • Controls process but is freed to focus on exit decisions and continued operation of the business.

Learn more about the 7-Step Exit Planning Process.

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