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Counsel to Business Owners in Transition

As a business owner, you understand the role smart planning has played in your success. You'll need the same mindset to prepare for moving on. It's called Exit Planning.

Business-owning families face complex, multi-faceted issues that are beyond the scope of any one professional discipline. I team with other advisors to provide expertise to meet those needs.

A strategic approach to a business transaction begins with understanding the parties' expectations, risks and alternatives, then establishing realistic goals, parameters and priorities.


I’ve been advising family-owned and other closely held firms, their owners and stakeholders for over 25 years. I help clients make important decisions and navigate key transitions in their business and personal lifecycles, often working collaboratively with advisors from other professional disciplines.

Andrew N. Karlen


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The Exit Planning Review© is a twice monthly e-newsletter for business owners and their advisors. Each issue discusses a topic affecting business owners who must plan for likely the single most important financial event of their lives - the transition out of their business.

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ExitMap is a free, no-obligation tool that enables business owners to take a first step towards Exit Planning by quickly identifying important personal and organizational goals. Complete a 15-minute online questionnaire to receive a 12-page evaluation of readiness for transition.

Complete the questionnaire 
by clicking on the ExitMap icon. (Please list me as your advisor when prompted by the software to "Enter Access Code or use ExitMap." This is for ExitMap internal services and does not obligate you to retain me.

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Andrew Karlen acts as general counsel to my business under a fixed retainer arrangement. My company benefits from having ongoing access to Andy’s timely legal advice and his understanding of our business. Moreover, we are able to tap into his valuable knowledge of business law and many years of experience working with businesses to use him as a sounding-board to explore business opportunities without mounting-up hourly charges. As a small business owner I am delighted to have access to this kind of ongoing high level legal advice and services we thought were reserved for very large companies.


Seth Kaller

President, Seth Kaller, Inc.

White Plains, NY

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